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Discovering Crystal: Photographer Gioncarlo Valentine remembers Crystal Edmonds, a trans woman killed in 2016

I dressed in traditionally female clothes, wore my hair in a traditionally female way, and wore makeup through high school up until my second year of college. In college I had many trans friends and I started to learn about the dynamics of gender performance and identity, as well as the gender binary. It became clear to me that I was not trans, I felt completely at home in my body and in my gender assignment. However, I could not forget my experiences or the experiences of other transgender people. As I searched for more information about Crystal's murder online, I noticed that the only image circulating was her mug shot. My first reaction to this was anger. Crystal has a public Facebook page. There you can find images of a smiling, convivial, outgoing Black woman. Her rich and beautiful dark brown skin. Hair styles, colors, and cuts varying by the month from silky black bobs to wavy brown wraps.

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For example if you are talking about a product on one page but then another product, do not just mention it, link to it. Now do not just put a link saying click here to see whatever, actually clickable bit words have that describe the page. Ever wondered why Wikipedia comes up top in Google. Well to put it simple it is SEO genius. The site is built for search engines. By the way SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is a marketing technique to get your site to come up naturally in Google. Well Wiki is รองเท้าส้นเตารีดไม่สูงมาก ราคาถูก pure perfection when it comes to SEO and the structure of the site. Every page links to every other page and has keywords in the hyperlinks which tell a search engine what that page is about. Brilliant! Another important issue to implement at the development stage is the meta tags, mainly the title tag. The biggest mistake I see is that every page on a website is indexed but all the pages are named the same.

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